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Turbot / Remol / Psetta Maxima

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Distribution: In the Baltic Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel, the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean up to Marroco, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.


Feeding: It mainly eats fishes even if it also eats crustaceans and mollusks.


Fishing: Trawl ships.


Breeding: Tanks or cages.


Reproduction: It is a gonocoric species with separated sexs. Spawning is possible by taking gametes (semen and eggs) out of the breeding parents. Females undergo ovulation cycles in about 70-90 hours. Embryo development takes 60-70 days. After the egg hatching, turbot larvae are 0.11-0.12in long.


Cultivation of Larvae

Temperature 64.4-68ºF
Salinity 30-35 per mille
Oxygen > 7 ppm
Density 1.36-2.84 l/p
Survival 15-40%
Egg diameter 0.04-0.05 in
Larva’s lenght 0.11-0.12 in


Temperature 57.2-62.6ºF
Salinity 30-35 per mille
Oxygen > 5 ppm
Load 4.09-8.18 lb/ft²
Duration 24-27 months
Final weight 3.31-4.41lb
Survival 90%
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